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  • Jetting Machine

    It is always advisable to routinely schedule a pipe/drain/sewer line Jetting for preventative maintenance.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    Cleaning of ETP’s / Cooling Towers and Shifting effluents to ETP beds

  • Drainage Lines - Preventative Maintenance

    Avoid emergency caused by blockages and settled debris

  • Suction Machine

    The suction operation under this stage effectively cleans out the sludge particles stagnated in the tanks and sewer lines.

What We Do

Solutions for Industrial and Urban Waste Water - We provide waste management from collection, reception to transportation and disposal for all types of environmental cleaning work. These include preventative, scheduled and corrective maintenance services.

We provide complete solutions for a wide range of services which include spill removal and clean up, environmental control for contract works, routine requirements for the cleaning and servicing of grit chambers, pump chambers, cooling towers, cess pit/sump emptying, storm water and sewer network cleaning, pipeline blockage removal and overflow clean up. We also specialize in retention pond cleaning.

Our vehicle mounted Suction Machines are capable of siphoning off the liquid and solid effluents into the equipment's sludge collection tank under high vacuum from surcharged manhole chambers, sewers and storm-water drain lines, septic/sump tank, gully pits and ETP’s and transporting the same to any desired disposal site for emptying under gravity/positive pressure/ tipping of the sludge tank.

When the job requires high pressure cleaning, we do it with Jetting Machines, a unique way that completely clears grease, debris, roots, sand, soil, dirt or sludge leaving the pipes/sewer lines as clean as they were initially. This process is highly useful for De-silting, De-choking and De-scaling underground drain lines

We transfer and appropriately handle large amounts of disposables from your location to state certified disposal stations with safety and care.

With regular maintenance and technical support from our highly experienced team, we are always available for emergency responses, assisting you any time, day or night, throughout the year. 

  • Cleaning of ETP’s / Cooling Towers
  • Shifting effluents to ETP beds
  • Emptying of Septic Tank
  • Cleaning & Unclogging of Manholes
  • Emptying of Stormwater Drains
  • Cleaning of Sewer / Drainage lines
  • Cleaning of Gully / Gutters
  • Oil Removal
  • Cleaning of Grit / Pump Chambers
  • Cesspit / Sump Emptying
  • Overflow Clean–Up
  • Removal of Pipe / Drain Line blockages
  • De-silting / De-scaling / De-choking

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How We Do It!

Jetting Machine

It is a unique way that completely clears grease, debris, roots, sand, soil, dirt or sludge leaving the pipes/sewer lines as clean as they were initially.

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Pipe/Drainline Blockages

Regular cleaning thereby avoiding emergency blockages and huge costs.

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Gully Sucker

Suction process useful for cleaning of ETP’s, shifting effluents from ETP’s to effluent beds, septic tanks, clogged manholes and areas having water logging.

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